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Unique experience of camping at different destinations like Tamiya- patalkot which is surrounded by hills and there are several pathways to reach the villages located inside the valley.The rocks are mostly by the Archaean era which are nearly 2500 million years and comprised with Granite gneiss, green schists, basic rocks, quartz with Gondwana sediments including conglomerate sandstone, shales and carbonaceous shales.  Lonar is famous for Lonar crater and Lonar Lake. It is a meteorite crater created in the Pleistocene Epoch. The crater contains salt water lake is 1.8 km in diameter and is about 137 m below the level of the crater rim. A small fresh water stream drains into the lake. Ajanta Caves are generally agreed to have been made in three distinct periods, the first belonging to the 2nd century BCE to 1st century CE, and second period that followed several centuries later.


  • Visit to historical monuments

  • Treks

  • Rope course

  • Zip line

  • Trekking

  • Camping

  • Camp fire

  • Bird watching

  • Team games

  • Lonar crater lake

  • Ajanta caves

  • Tribal villages

  • Jatashankar

  • Chauragarh

  • B-fall

Jungle Safari

One Jungle Safaris, Wildlife Show, Tribal Dance, Nature Walk, Bird watching

3 Days
2 nights

Courage Camp

Tent pitching, Rope course, Artificial climbing wall, High hill trekking, Obstacles, Camp fire, ATV ride, Fun games.

3 Days
2 nights

Explorer Camp

Rope course, High hill trekking, Obstacles, ATV ride, Fun games.

3 Days
2 nights
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