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National Aerosports Championship and fes

National Aerosport Championship & Festival 2020

Welcome to the National Aerosport Championship & Festival 2020, a three day festival where you’ll soar higher than your expectations. Taking place in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh, the aeronautical event promises to be filled with adventure, altitude and awesomeness.


The National Aerosport Championship & Festival 2020 is planned with the objective of level raging the popularity of Aerosport in India and bringing together all Aerosports enthusiastic under one roof of an unmatched championship.  It will bring the sports of the sky to Central India. For a very long time, the states near the ocean belts have been the prime destinations for adventurers to get a taste of the blue expanse overhead. With this festival, we want to bring this adventure closer to the centre, making it more accessible to people.


Madhya Pradesh is known for its beauty. The state is as naturally blessed as it is culturally gifted. High ranging hills, plateaus, flowing river and lush greenery is all a part of what makes people go back, again and again. 


The three day event will be a union of different aspects, working in harmony to provide a fulfilling experience. The main attraction of the event are the numerous aero sports taking place for people to enjoy like Hot Air Balloon, Paragliding, Kite Flying, Aero-modelling and Para-motoring. Visitors can partake in joy ride, while the more competitive ones can take part in the parasailing and paramotoring competitions which will also be held. The festival is predicted to attract visitors and professionals from all over the world. The festival will also be a platform for spreading awareness and promoting the lesser known sport of paramotoring among the general populace.


The other aspects of the festival include various entertainments like exhibitions, musical bands and food. Sports gears like jackets and shoes, equipment, etc will be displayed in the exhibition. Lip smacking delicacies of Madhya Pradesh will be available for the visitors to feast on.

More Details coming soon...

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