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A remarkable liveliness to my gloom!

The feeling of not going to school after my boards' made me very sad. The school days were very much fun, growing up to an age where we had to leave school for higher studies is something I never wanted. Amid this blues, one of my friends called up to me and asked me to join her in CAC Allrounder camp where she holidayed with her father before. When I got to know that this camp is about trekking long distances I was intertwined about going there. The day I reached the railway station I was yet again awful about the trekking, and, anyhow I convinced myself and sat on the train. As we reached our destination I experienced a positive and happy feeling. It would be the place that had magic in its air, which actually faded all my trekking fear. We trekked to Manu Temple on the first day, though it was tiring, I enjoyed a lot. The trekker's group had a different schedule from the non-trekkers one. And I realized that I made the right decision for being a part of the trekker's group because here we had visited beautiful places. One of them was in the snow to Solang Valley and then to Patalsu Mountains which we saw from our campsite, it was awesome. This journey was really an ultimate refreshment to my previous gloom. I learned to never give up for any opportunity in life. If I would have given up for trekking I would have missed this amazing fun in my life. From now onwards I will never give up for anything and will always take a chance and enjoy the fruits of the expedition whether it's sour or sweet, I will go for it. Thank you, everyone, for your support and care, wish to visit again.

- Sushmita Sen

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