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Camping helps us overcome difficulties!

On the day when I was informed about the Himalayan Camp, I decided to go with my sister and was not aware of who all are going to come to camp. I just had one thing in my mind that I have to enjoy this camp exclusively. Since I don’t mix up with people soon I was a little confused about socializing 11 days with unfamiliar people. But very soon on the train itself we made a nice group. We enjoyed ourselves a lot together and made this journey more exciting and worthy. The trekking option that we chose gave us much joy and strength to face the challenges. This has played an important role in the camp and will do the same in further life. We trekked many far places and experienced the beauty of each and every place we stopped. All have their uniqueness and very enhancing teachings for everyone visiting there. The activities we performed were so thrilling and overwhelming. One of the most exciting was the White Water Rafting. As decided in the beginning, I enjoyed this camp thoroughly. All the staff members supported and took care of each and every one. The kitchen staff also fairly good and provided us the best they can. I loved all the arrangements and the planned programme for us. I heartily thank Amol sir and Ekta ma’am for organizing such an amazing camp and wish them luck for more such successful camps. The supporting team not only supported us but also helped us improve and make ourselves more challenging, active and excellent kids.

- By Krispi Kariya

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