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Contentment, Values, enhancement aur bahaut Kuch……

I registered for this camp hoping it to be an adventurous one, but trust me it was much more than that. This camp was an all-round development camp because of the great team of CAC-Allrounder. The beauty and weather of Manali give you so much relief that you forget about the red-hot Nagpur. I made so many friends here and we shared such a startling bond that I have never experienced before. It actually gave me a contentment that I was yearning for. The outstanding part of this camp is it amends you in a new persona while you return home. More values are enhanced and cultured with the positive staff members and freshness around. I am completely in love with this place and the group that tried its best to make this camp a momentous one. Everything ought to be so perfect, valuable and jubilant here. The food was also impressive. I have not returned home alone but with pleasing memories and wisdom which will definitely make me a good human being. Thank you so much CAC-Allrounder team for unifying this camp and dinning so many etiquettes in me at this young age.

- By Raunak Pitre

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