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Make your life impactful with CAC, says Shreya

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Hello, I am so happy today to share my experience with CAC All-rounder camp here. I was afraid of the camp, in the beginning, thinking it would be so difficult being with others for so many days. Though this camp was already attended by my father earlier, he hasn’t told me about any of his experiences or challenges, he told me to have it on my own. The best part about this camp was I got to know myself and how I deal with the challenges. I made so many new friends. I was in the trekking group and completed long treks happily. And it was really fun seeing each other shivering on the trek in the ice-cold paradise of Manali. The nights in the camps were awesome as we played ‘Antakshari’ and danced whole-heartedly around the campfire. The supporting staff in this camp were so helpful and friendly that we never felt like we are controlled or treated severely for any mistake or not completing any task. They always motivated us and shared inspirational stories. Each and every activity-filled me with joy and so many life-changing lessons that I suggest everyone attend this camp once and see the wonderful change in you. I enjoyed it a lot here, and feel so blessed to get this opportunity to attend this camp. I thanks my parents who sent me to this camp and my new friends and staff members who cared so much and made this camp amazing.

- By Shreya Jaiswal

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