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I produced a best out of me!

The day I heard about the camp with CAC All-rounder I was filled with enthusiasm, thrill, and excitement. I have enjoyed each and every moment of this journey, be it on a train, base camp, tents or higher altitudes. The tents life without fan, light, mirror, etc. understood us the importance of these things, which we don’t ponder it ever. We got the best out of us that we can never do being in a comfort zone. The trekking experience led us to all the beautiful sights of the Manali which took close towards mother-nature. This camp was a stage for me to bring out the best in me. The team-building help us perform each task with patience and groomed our personality. I am so happy for the wonderful experience and the new bonding with so many good people. This camp would not be so amazing without Amol sir and all the supporting staff. I heartily thank everyone for your help and this outstanding arrangement. I brought home a bag full of memories for a lifetime.

Thankyou CAC-ALLrounder

- By Komal Mundra

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