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A camp that made me determined!

Huh! The most amazing experience of life. Various ups and downs throughout the camp made me stronger, caring, sensitive, a good manager of everything and a nature lover. Earlier, I had few confusions or I can say questions in my mind regarding my life I think I have discovered their solutions after coming here which will really help me all the way through my life. I got new friends, I learned how to use things sparingly. The biggest achievement of the camp was that I got to know that I am not lazy, I am a cheerful girl. The beauty here is just marvelous or I can say words are less to explain the beauty of nature here. Everyone there should visit this wonderful camp to oil their jam gears which will definitely make their life smooth. The last day of this camp made me feel too sad with tears in my eyes but yes I was again happy having thought of joining the next year camp. I just loved this place, the camp members and everyone.

- By Shreyasee R. Thombre

HC - 2017

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