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A Super Blissful girl returned home!

One fine day my friend asked me to come with her to Manali Camp. After hearing the word camp I was a little panicky for staying away from family for about days. But my parents interested me to go to this camp. And it again kept me in thoughts about how will I be able to connect with new people and surroundings. Somehow I visited the CAC office wherein I got to interact with the staff members and that made me really comfortable joining this camp as the members were very friendly and cool. I was filled with mixed feelings being my first time away from home. Finally, I prepared myself for this camp. I reached the railway station with my friend. We communicated with many companions who turned out to be our friends within an hour of our journey to Delhi. We shared our foodstuff with each other in our journey towards Manali from Delhi. After reaching Manali we made our group so that we will get our tents accordingly. And likewise, our activities began from the day. Although everything was out of our comfort zone, the experience was amazing. The veg, non-veg meals, and snacks served to us was awesome. And non-veg to me was cherry on the cake. The activities were very thrilling and breathtaking. One of the best was zorbing it made us super happy. I really thank Amol sir for such wonderful support and arrangements. He handled everything so smoothly. I am very obliged to have him as our mentor and to let us learn so many good things from him. This camp has given me so much for my lifetime. It changed my perceptions of the camp and gave me ample soothing for my future accomplishments. I will participate in more camps with CAC All-rounder and bring my siblings too.

- By Tanisha Mahakalkar

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