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All those little things I found in the snow.

To begin with, to be able to experience this amazing trek has been one of the best things this year. The journey began with extreme excitement, thrill and curiosity.

I would like to suggest this camp to my dearest friend, as she was unable to make it to this wonderful trip.

I would like to suggest a trip would be an understatement because this has been a life-changing experience. This journey has taught me so many things which are in fact endless to list.

You begin unaware sitting in the train, merely excited that you get an escape from the screeching heat of Nagpur to the cool breeze of Manali, but there’s much more to it.

The first thing you learn here is to live out of your comfort zone and surprisingly, yet to be comfortable. The transition is new, yet beneficial. To know that space which is not half the size of your room and to accept to live there with a bunch of strangers teaches you to adjust. It is rather to know that sometimes life might put you in situations like these where in fact you don’t volunteer for it just like this one.

But guess what, you already have adapted to them and learned to live life the harder yet in a humble way.

Apart from what we learn as adjustment and adaptability initially, you learn to believe in yourself. It is mostly said that fear is in the head and when you reach here, you realise that every single detail of the threads of life only living by what controls us, our mind.

When you start the trek with trek you’re a little hesitant Maybe but what keeps you going is what your mind tells you.

You have to start with that single step of the journey, to reach the peak, the fact, the struggle to climb up that stone or to slide through the freezing cold ice, seems negligent when you reach the peak. The faith you leave in yourself is what takes you up there and not the steps you take. It is rather impractical to think that you’ll climb 14000 ft. but more rational to know that you keep moving and you’ll be there.

This necessarily doesn’t apply to a trek to the mountain, but generally to all the aspects of life. All you need to know is that you are the only who can help yourself and you’ll be there.

After this trek any hurdle that I might face in life, I will actually hear our instructor saying,

Chalte rahna hai, rukhna nahi hai!

That’s our life lesson that you must keep moving in life no matter what obstacle you face.

Also, with the faith you have in yourself, you learn to grow an attitude to motivate others because not only you but the people around you need that confidence. To know that even a single statement of motivation helps the other person take that one step towards your destination is a wonderful feeling.

I cannot stop writing about this roller coaster I sat on, that’s why I would end my lyric and strongly suggest you to be here.

Cac Allrounder has been an amazing experience overall which might be not light way to put in words, but fall short of them.

The facilities from Day one have been amazing. To in fact live in a tent made of cloth and not feel cold in these harsh weathers is amazing.

To go home and tell my mother that I ate three times the food I eat at home is going to make her happy for sure.

When we reached our topmost camp, we actually continuously were eating and after this camp I think I’m just full in my stomach with the thought of our camping food.

Just after we finished one whole meal, the other was ready and not only timely facilities but hats off to the cooking staff, they made us the most delicious food.

The instructors motivated us throughout the entire trek, instructed us became our friends when we needed it and became our guide and lead us to know the potential we have in ourselves. To name one instructor would be wrong because each and everyone has supported us from day one.

Overall, it was more than what we as pampered and spoilt children deserved but going to leave a strong impact overall.

To go to a dream expedition a lead the trip I would like to go to Nepal someday.

I, as a trek leader, believe that I have the ability to motivate other people, to inspire them to know their potential and make them self-sufficient because when we lead a team it is not the move of the leader which counts as the strong factor, but all tiny efforts and steps of the team which are represented as a team effort.

If I'm asked to take a few people on my dream expedition first will be my best friend as I was with her when we climbed the steepest road and I held her hand throughout when I take her next I want her to know that she can do it by herself too.

Further, I would like to take more of my friends from the camp because I believe these girls have a strong determination to do things and that energy is the base for action. They have been the constant source of our laughter throughout the trip.

And what is a great expedition without a little fun?

Nidhi Dayani

Batch -2017

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