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An unforgettable Journey

Visiting Manali with CAC had always been a wild fantasy for me. I had never expected that my fantasy would turn around true this way. It was very sudden when I planned for going to Manali, rather I should say, I decided to go to Manali 6 hours before the train was going to leave Nagpur station. For all the end moment arrangements, I thank Amol sir who (being a very good friend of my father) did all the train bookings without any hesitation. After all this, the 10-day tenure which I experienced was simply ‘awesome’! Leaving from Delhi station, reaching Manali, (base camp) going to a long 40 km trek, walking on Snow, reaching Patalsu was wow!

On my 3 day journey, to reach my destination ‘Patalsu’ with only a crowd of 45 people which had only 7 girls, had two milestones, Solang Village ad Soland Valley. We enjoyed Maggi, soup, Halwa, ‘Sewaikheer’ … n what not! At night we had a campfire, where I sang songs and had appreciation too. The company of people with me on my trek to Patalsu was wow. Jolly, cheerful, mastikhor, people every day made me give a nice smile. The feeling which we had on reaching Patalsu was simply thrilling! We then came back to on campsite and shared on experience with our mates… I personally developed in myself a lot of qualities! Gire, uthe roye, hase, daant khae, par kuch bhi ho ye life ki kitab ka ek bahaut important chapter hai!

We really felt as if we were in laps for Mother Nature who is silently listening to all our talks and making us calm. I will cherish all these moments my whole life. All thanks to CAC who with their instructors, teachers made our journey the most comfortable and most enjoyable as well as memorable. You should seriously try this once, I swear you will enjoy a lot and you will be able to do, what you think you cannot.

- By Malika Patil

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