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Cheers! It was my sixth camp with CAC.

Yes, you read it right, it’s my sixth camp with CAC-Allrounder and Manali for the third time. It may be surprising for you but for me, it’s the most listed extravaganza of the year. The instructors with us and especially Amol Khante Sir and Ekta Khante ma’am are filled with so many outstanding qualities that can’t be expressed in words and spending time with them mean you have filled with positivity around. I wish to chip in, in this camp again and again. Manali, a land of snow, for me is the most beautiful place in the world and visiting with CAC is more beautiful because when we come personally we visit certain places as conferred but in this camp, we visit everywhere hiking. It gives tremendous pleasure to visit each and every place and spotting the attractive lifestyle of the local ides. The long treks in this camp are only possible because of the instructors who kept on encouraging and supporting us. The tents know-how teach you sharing, caring and cooperating. The activities like zorbing, river rafting, river crossing, snow-man making, etc. are splendid. I am short of words for the experience I had in the camp. It’s my suggestion for everyone at least once in a lifetime attend this camp, you will not only love the place but also wish to come repeatedly with CAC. Thank you, everyone, for adding happiness in my life.

By Shreya Hokam

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