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Explore Satpura

Explore Satpura 2019 was the third edition of the annual cycling tour which takes place along the forest ranges of Satpura. Spread over 3 days and 300 kms, the tour, flagged off from Bhopal,covered the destinations of Tawa and Madhai before finishing off in Pachmarhi. Capping at just over 50, the riders all hailed from various parts around the country, from Bangalore, to Bhopal to Mumbai. No boundation to age, young and old, the riders were an enthusiastic batch,ready to tackle the steep lanes, the grassy lands and the monsoon season.

Starting from Bhopal, the riders rode all the way to Budhni. On the way, they were provided with hydration and nutrition at support stations every 25 kms. The first support station, Kolar Dam, was a huge hit with the entire team because of its beauty. From Budhni, they were all loaded into the bus and taken to Tawa Resort where they enjoyed some rest and food.

Before departing for Madhai the next day, the entire team, courtesy of the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department, had the pleasure of taking a cruise on the Tawa river as well as pay a visit to the Tawa

Dam. The cyclists then proceeded to ride for Madhai after the sightseeing.

The second day of ride saw them battling heavy showers and some troublesome roads. Still, they

braved through the onslaught to reach Madhai. en route, they event enjoyed the famed Dhanna Maharaj's Kachori. At Madhai, Nagpur's first climber to reach the summit of Mr Everest Pranav

Bandbuche, retold the story of his extreme experience at the mountain, leaving the listeners spellbound at his courage.

For the last leg of the tour, the riders rode from Madhai to Pachmarhi. The last 20 kms were an uphill ride, also acting as the optional competitive segment for the riders. The last night of the tour saw the riders receiving their participation certificates and medals, as well as some extra-ordinary performers received special honey jars for their outstanding contribution to the tour. The winners of the competitive segment received a foldable cycling kit bag. The night ended with the Mumbai based band Jallosh crooning hits after hits much to the pleasure of the audience.

Explore Satpura 2019 saw somebody as young as 12 ride a tour for the first time and emerge victorious, as well as 63 year old man call it the second innings of his life. The cycling expedition was not just that, it was a also a invigorating experience as the riders connected with the nature, and experienced the joy of cycling through dense lush forests on open roads.

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