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I acquired faith in me over this camp

In our life, there are some things which are meant to happen to us. No doubt, what the hurdles in our path are, the things which are meant to happen do manifest themselves. One such thing that happened to me was CAC Allrounder. Though my registration was done a confirmation for this tour was done on 21 st may under those situations there was very little probability of coming to this camp. But as I said earlier this camp was meant to happen in my life and it did. The arrangements made in this camp were way too comfortable and I didn’t find living here tough. I was completely satisfied with all the amenities provided. Physically tiring but spiritually inspiring was what we were told throughout the trek. And yes, I did experience this quote. One of the places that inspired me to a great extent was Jogini Fall. The word that came to my mind after watching the huge impact of the waterfall was Unstoppable. One more thing about the water inspired me here was it never turned back whatever the situation arose. I learned from this water the quality of never moving back once a way is chosen. While trekking I realized that I need to have faith in myself always. I wish to see myself as ‘a flower which blossoms in each and every adversity’.

- By Aditi Sarate

HC – 2017

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