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I will forever cherish the memories made with the people and this place!

The first day while saying goodbye to my parents was a little touching because I was for the first time separated from my parents and cell phone. But at the same time, I was excited also. Singing on the train for the whole night and disturbing people was even more fun. Spending 10 days 24 hours without parents and with my most good friends was such an overwhelming. These days are the most wonderful days which I will cherish lifelong. I walked for almost 10 km in a day which is definitely tiring but I could never imagine that I had that capacity to walk. Visiting Kaniyal village and Manu temple was really good because I could learn a lot from the villagers about their level of satisfaction. The activities like zorbing and river rafting were fantastic. Zorbing was the most thrilling experience and getting wet in icy cold water while river rafting is inexpressible. Waking up in the morning and then queuing for loo was another kind of enjoyment. The site view from the camp was out of the world. Looking at the white peaks and greenery around was just like heaven. The sunrise and the sunset took away every pain out of the heart. The volunteer was very cooperative and sweet. Gossiping late night under the torch was so much fun. Each and every day was a wonderful day with each and every one. I was made leader of team Himalayan Monkey, which inbuilt the qualities of cooperation, self-sufficient, strong and bold. This camp by CAC will be the memorable one, it gave me the chance to know myself. It gave me a special bonding with my friends. Thankyou CAC for this amazing camp. I will miss each and every one.

- By Prodipta Chatterjee

  1. HC – 2017

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