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Instructors recharged my spirit and helped me get better!

I have never expected that I will go anywhere without my parents. And after reaching here I saw so many unknown people and thought I won’t be able to adjust with them easily. And being a coward personality I don’t participate in any kind of physical activity. But the teachers and atmosphere here motivated me and made me a brave and confident girl. I suggest you should attend this camp at least once because you get a lot many things to learn.

group of boys rafting

This camp is principally for them who are fearful and with a low confidence level. And additionally for all those who love relishing their life. Here the river crossing activity has to be done in cold water which actually removed fear from water and injury. Zorbing was something that afraid me and I knew I can’t do it but the instructors encouraged and supported me so well that I finally made my mind and did it, and it was an amazing experience.

I am really thankful to the instructors because of them I received this gratification. I turn out to be self-dependent and careful of my things through this camp. I wish to attend all the CAC All-rounder camps and recommend you to attend and get the countless experience.

- By Khushali Gandhi

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