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Tips and Tricks for Trekkers.

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Move over every other pastime, it's the era of trekking. With an array of individuals breaking off from the monotonous corporate life to take a shot at the outdoors, opting to go out and explore instead of hopping city to city, this activity has gained popularity amongst the masses. Trekking has given people a way to indulge in a fitter lifestyle, helping them escape the hustle bustle of the city, a destresser from the 9-5 life. 

With so many people choosing to trek, it is imperative that they be aware of the various tips every beginner should follow for a safe, sound and enjoyable experience. 

1. Choose the right footwear - What you wear on your feet is the key

determinant of how your trek will be. Choosing the right footwear can be a game changer in any walking you do. Opt for comfortable, easy to wear footwear that gives your feet the room to breathe without being too big. Also, do not ever go on a trek with brand new shoes, give them at least a month of workout beforehand so that you adapt to them and they to your feet and any chance for blisters occurs beforehand, and not on the trip.

2. Keep hydrating yourself - Your body needs fluids to keep going. Especially during a trek, whether you’re in a hot climate or not, your body is bound to dehydrate more easily due to the constant sweating and exercising. It is essential that you keep hydrating and keep sipping water throughout your journey so that you don't end up thirsty and tired due to lack of fluid in your body. So drink, hydrate and walk on.

3. Pace yourself, there is no rush - One of the most frequent mistakes that any beginner makes is to try and hurry through the trek.  It is important to remember that trekking is not a race, it is a chance for you to enjoy the nature, the outdoors, the scenery. You are allowed to set your own pace, without running against the clock. First timers, especially, should not hurry through a trek as they’re now aware of their own bodies’capacity. So take it slow and steady, and aim to finish, not win.

4. Consistency and Persistence is the key - The easiest way to injury is to start trekking without any prior practise. Do a little walking training to acclimate your body with the pace, and to build up the stamina to go long distance. Start off with smaller routes before you lengthen your way. It is also better to train in terrains that are not plain surfaces, as you won’t be facing that in your trek.

5.Keep fuelling your body - During your trek, your body’s energy resources diminishes faster as it is constantly used to keep going forward. It is advisable to carry some protein bars and little snacks to keep fuelling yourself. Do not ignore your flagging energy when tiredness occurs.

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