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Mai udna chahta hu, daudna chahta hu…

The minute I saw the CAC adventure brochure in my hands, I started having Goosebumps. It was a great feeling for me. When I discussed the Himalayan camp vacation with my parents, they readily approved. So, there I was ready with my backpack and love for adventure in my heart.

With my goodbyes said, I became a part of adventure troopers who were just like filled with excitement and two, this was our first time travelling in the beautiful valley of Manali.

I was so starstruck. Admiring these beautiful mountains, it was simply stunning.

This was going to be my wakeup view for a few days now. Playing in the snow reminded me of my favourite lines Mai udna chahta hu, daudna chahta hu….

Truly this snow-clad valley knows how to put a spell on you. It makes you feel intoxicated and happy with everything it has to offer.

With River rafting, river crossing and rock climbing, I felt my capabilities being pushed with adrenaline rushing through. With everything that was going around, I could sense a very odd sort of comfort. Something I have never felt before.

Celebrating the joy of being an adventure camper!

Back at home, I don’t remember myself doing exercise so religiously. But here, seeing the trek leaders and the fun techniques of Sunrise fun exercise. I think I’m going to keep this one habit in my daily routine tradition.

With tradition being said, a look in the Manali Bazar will throw into simple Awe state.

The colours the fabric, the food and architecture has its own tell-o-tales wrapped in histories and mysteries.

Travelling, adventure its changes or I would rather say it transforms you.

Each travel destination becomes a footprint of memory. A memory of you in that place.

Saloni Bansod


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