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Travel Bucketlist aur Akhari Pasta

Dear friend,

On 7th may I stepped in with new people to gather a bag full of experiences, happiness and adventure memories. This was new to me. Doing rock climbing, river rafting and river crossing felt like achievements. When Amol sir encouraged me to face my fears. I could feel this new zest for life and love for nature aroused out of me.

I found myself enjoying and feeling comfortable doing new things. The best thing happened to me here was ‘Akhari Pasta’ where I got to know that friendship not only between peers but with juniors too can thrive. My tentmates have been a great support.

Young girls helping each other
Girl Power

Our trek leaders Manish sir, Akansha Ma’am and Director of CAC Ekta ma’am were most fun-loving and caring people through this entire journey. With them, I realised that life can be lived once we are ready to leave our comfort zones. Being a kid coming from urban lifestyle, we are accustomed to overprotectiveness, comforts and pre-planned schedules.

Taking up new adventures, changing your routine life to vacation once in while is actually the best way of therapy. In midst of all these amazing folks to keep me company, I missed my home a little. I wanted to tell them not to worry much and that I have so much to tell them about this magical place.

flowers in manali
Magical Manali moments

Now that I’m packing my bag, ready to go home. In witness of these beautiful mountains and my new found love for nature, I promise that I will make a travel bucket list. I want to see all the colours, culture and stories this world has for me!

Yashika Bhutani


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