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A new 'Me' is discovered

In the serene valleys of Manali a new ‘Me’ was discovered. A ‘Me’ who was fearless, a ‘Me’ who was brave, a ‘Me’ who was confident, a ‘Me’ who was a fighter, a ‘Me’ who was a wanderer, not aimless and explorer, a befikra wanderer! An amazing camp to Manali by CAC All-Rounder, a huge platform where everyone discovered an all new ‘Me’ out of themselves played a very major role in building a ‘New Me’. The exploration I was able to do through this camp over-whelmed me completely. Everything that sounded reel turned real. The satisfaction, the feeling of being independent and the fact that we have actually lived being deprived of the social networks and were yet so content, was one very important thing about this camp gave us in return. The memories cherished bring a curve on the face with all passing time. In true sense a ‘new me’ returned home, who was way different from the one who was couple of days earlier. A responsible, brave, confident, satisfied and happy me. A big thank you to Amol sir and team, for the precious contribution in changing the perspectives of people.

- By Aditi Kolehekar


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