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Camp more. Worry less.

The Himalayan camp was an awesome tour which was a stepping stone for me. It not only motivated me but also taught me the importance of being independent. To be very frank when I got to know about this camp I thought there would be activities and enjoyment and everything would be simple and soft like a bed of roses but actually, when I visited here I have recognized my weakness and strengths. The fear that was set in my mind was actually overcome. The way of adjustments, caring, supporting I learned from other participants in the camp. The activities we did were obviously terrifying but were spiritually inspiring. Rock climbing, zorbing, river crossing even build up my confidence. I remember the last activity we did Rappelling was really tough and even scared me but the motivation that was given to me by my teachers and friend that made me do and I did it. The feeling that I got after completing it, I cannot even express it in words. One important thing that I learned from this camp is whenever we are scared to perform any task but still tries to complete it, it gives great pleasure and memory to life. This camp is really a helpful adventure for everyone like us who wish to achieve a great future. I would suggest that at least once in a lifetime people should attend this camp it makes you responsible and teaches many good leadership qualities. All the teachers encouraged us in every step. This kind of exploration and enhancement is much required for teenagers like us. I wish everyone all the best and a great thanks to CAC for arranging this wonderful camp.

- By Akshara Kela

HC - 2016

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