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Ek Cup Chai and thousand words unsaid.

To my dearest friend who cancelled his Manali plans,

I’m sorry I forgot to tell you, buddy. I’m in Manali. I know we made plans together but you simply backed out last minute. I apologize for going on this camping trip alone, but let me tell you something.

I’m sitting here with a cup of tea, admiring these grand view filled with mountains and snow. I’m spellbound. I have nothing to say but one thing, buddy you missed out on the big adventure!

Being a first-timer, sure I felt living in tents and No mom ke haath ka bana khana, how I’m going to deal with this. But no staying tents in another level fun. Getting to know folks around your age.

Understanding new opinions, history, discussions, trek leaders ki subah wali briefing class, this is real life stuff, buddy. Coming here, taking a step into attempting adventure to enjoying and relishing into the fun of playing into the waters, making snowman… Just too damn great!

I could feel my senses rushed in with adrenaline. After hearing Amol sir, it was a common vote that he is a great motivational speaker. All the little things at the camp, dancing my heart out during the DJ night, adventure movies and most of all the camp apple farm was the best thing that happened to me.

I hope to ride a thunderbird with DSLR by my side that definitely on my bucket list.

I’m hoping that one day you will come here to the valley of Manali.

Amogh Batwe


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