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I won’t miss any opportunity henceforth

The trip was very exciting and amazing with a variety of experiences. I enjoyed the time with everyone there. All my new friends were very helpful and caring. We learned to stay together and share our belongings with each other. The tent life was very nice. We were sportingly indulged in river rafting, mountain sports and trekking by visiting the Solang Village. The weather stayed pleasant in the day and turns cool at night. I enjoyed the scenic snow-capped mountain located far above. Out of fear I missed performing rock-climbing and rappelling activities, which made me very sad later. The one was river rafting that too created a kind of nervousness but my volunteer motivated and also forced me to complete this activity, with a great concern I somehow tried to do and finally completed. This activity made me confident and courageous. I was thankful to my volunteer for his motivation and energy. This tour gave many lessons to me that will lead me to a great place, I believe. This trip is not only an entertaining journey but also a positive change in one’s life. I have overcome many flaws in me. I wish to join more tours with CAC Allrounder and completed all the tasks that I skipped out of fear. Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful support and guidance.

- By Shraddha Dalal

HC - 2016

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