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Manali diaries: the memories that will last forever!

The day I got to know that I will be going for the camp to ‘Manali’ through CAC Allrounder with my group of friends, I was totally excited, thrilled, happy, or whatever you can say. All of us started deciding a proper date which we actually changed and fixed for about 10-12 times. During our boards i.e. from the 1st of March we were all excited to go to Manali but the stupid part was we were actually not able to fix a proper date. Finally, we decided to go in the 5-15th April batch but luckily we were shifted to the 19th – 29th April group as I made more new friends till then, which I really love to do. Finally, we all paid for the camp and were excited about shopping, which I did a week before the camp departure. Finally the day arrived 19th April 2014, when we were going to leave Nagpur. Thinking about 10 days without parents, siblings, TV, computer, cell phones, my pet dog made me little nervous but the excitement of the camp was higher than this 10 days separation. I was way too excited when met everyone at the railway station, all the instructors and fellow mates were superb. This is the camp in which I wish to go every year and get refreshed up. As soon as we were lined up according to our coach numbers and instructors, I had mixed feelings. I met new friends after we entered our train compartments we together enjoyed a lot on the train. The next morning we reached Delhi and visited ‘COME-SOME’ where we had lots of food and clicked many pictures. Then from there, we departed for Manali. Once we reached Manali, we had some rest and next morning went for trekking which seemed to be too tough in the beginning but slowly we made ourselves comfortable with the surroundings and explored many beautiful places completing 3000 ft.walk. Likewise, we were very used to these long treks, tasks, and activities here. I enjoyed a lot in this camp and wish to come at least in one camp every year. This will be the most unforgettable journey of my life. Such a beautiful place with amazing people was not less than a cherry on the cake. Thank you so much CAC for these beautiful days you added in my life.

- By Neha Jambhulakar

HC – 2014

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