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This journey gave me lots to summon up!

We reached Manali on 23rd April morning at 10 am. I was shocked to see the beautiful Manali with a large number of tents. The overall setup was jhakkas and the bathrooms were also nice. There was a big open ground to play cricket and volleyball. I was really happy to see that we were provided boil water every day along with time to time meals. The Himalayan ranges were covered with the snow and were very huge. I felt that the Himalayan temple trek would be 2-3 km were no we walked almost 5-6 km long daily. The white water rafting made me shocked as it was about 14 km. This camp made me come out of my comfort zone and I really enjoyed being with people whom I never met before. This will be the most memorable time of my life I will carry with. Thank you, everyone, for your support and care.

- By Sumeet Gidwani

HC - 2015

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