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One of the best camp to enjoy nature!

Wooo, Manali!

Thousands of thank you to CAC Allrounder for this awesome camp.

Here, comes a short summary of my tour to Manali.

Our train started at 8.30 PM, with an excitement all around and had its first stop in Delhi at 11.30 AM. After a few hour halt at Delhi, we left for Manali, Himachal Pradesh at 7.30 AM. The tourists vehicles from there led us to Apple Farm where had rested and had some snacks as breakfast. In an hour or two, we started our trekking, after returning we had lunch and played cricket and volleyball with friends.

In the evening we were divided in three groups, namely Himalayan Rockers, Sky Achievers and Furious Trekkers. Post that we received our sleeping bags and instructed about using these bags. Next morning, at 6 AM, we were waken up for warm up exercise and a walk to temple. The days were well spent with lots of games and fun.Other activities like river crossing, river rafting were performed in groups and were amazingly great. I wish to go more such tour with CAC, each day gave so many good learning to me that will keep me boosted while I grow.

- By Vinay Agrawal

HC - 2015

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